Thursday, July 13, 2006

5th NOVEMBER 2003

The morning was usual as before,
The air was cold.
I never felt going to school, but a
strong inclination told me to go.
On reaching there, I
saw the sad faces of my friends.
The air was heavy and everything seemed gloomy.
People were crying and there was a look of despair
in every eye, I, puzzled and perplexed,
dared to ask one of the person..

The news was a shock to me.
One of my best seniors,
the I.I.T.ian Bombay was dead.
The whole campuss, the teachers, the students
and everybody was sad and crying.

On this day I felt the irony of
the game of life and death.
I had met her just 2 weeks ago,
always cheerful was she,
it was hard to believe that such a fine person
could now lay dead.

As time went on, the school too got away
with the shock and daily activities took its place.
I too joined the work of decorating
the bulletin board for a contest.
I was given the task to half burn
the paper with an incense.

The smoke coming from the incense,
gave me the heavy feeling of the dead.
I felt her around me.
The mind got diverted and I got
into an uneasy state of mind,
whether to console me or my friends.
I got up and joined my friends (sad) busy in some
school work.
Dev was sad,
Abhi was sad.
Sidd and Aysh were sad and
I was sad.
We will miss you a lot!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

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